Monday, November 22, 2004

Just Wondering 1

(After discovering that Thomas Sowell already has a commentary feature entitled "Random Thoughts," I have decided to rename this one.--SG)

Do Satanists want to go to hell?

When the liberal political cartoonist Pat Oliphant depicted Condoleeza Rice as a brainless bird with large lips, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and other “civil rights leaders” said nothing. Is there any doubt the reaction would have been different if Carol Mosley Braun–a black woman of less accomplishment–had been so depicted?

Too bad Chicago Bears receiver David Terrell didn’t do the racy opening bit with Nicollette Sheridan for Monday Night Football. No doubt he would have dropped her.

A recent study shows that college professors are largely Democrats. At one end of the spectrum, in anthropology, profs showed a 30-1 spread for Democrats. At the other end, in economics, profs favored the Democrats by 3-1. Who knew there were so many Republicans on campus?

If George W. Bush is such a dunce, what does that say for the Democrats he keeps beating?

Democrats chose John Kerry during the primaries because he was supposedly the most “electable.” Keep in mind that this is a man who couldn’t excite his own base, who was a “war hero” who had given aid and comfort to the enemy by accusing fellow soldiers of committing atrocities, who because of all his flip-flops couldn’t clearly differentiate himself from Bush, and who was rated more liberal than Ted Kennedy. The only advantages he possessed were about style (a smoother debater and “better hair”), not substance. If John Kerry was the most electable Democrat, what does that say about the rest?

The October Surprise before this year’s election turned out to be Osama bin Laden. But instead of a bomb, he sent a video.

Is the mainstream media’s lionizing of Arafat, the inventor of modern terrorism, really surprising?

If Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, why are so many of the terrorists fighting us there?

Now that the election is over, where have all the peace marchers gone?

What government subsidizes, it gets more of. That goes for marriage, home ownership, and charitable giving. Are we sure we want to subsidize “gay marriage”?

If homosexuals are so proud of their behavior, why do they hold so many “gay pride” parades? When was the last time you saw a “heterosexual pride” parade?

The founder of Islam conquered by killing. The founder of Christianity conquered by dying.

If Islam is a “religion of peace,” why are Muslims kidnapping civilians, slowly sawing off their heads, and chanting praise to Allah?

If moral values are so important to Red state voters, why is the divorce rate higher in the conservative Bible Belt than it is in liberal Massachusetts?

If Democrats have a corner on compassion, why are citizens in the Red states bigger givers than those in the Blue states?

Who else is tired of Tom Hanks movies?

Now we have one–Polar Express–in which he has five roles. Where is the outrage?

Who else is happy they stopped airing the “Wild Thing” Viagra ad?

Dejected Democrats are getting counseling for Post Election Selection Trauma. For the rest of you, try to feel their pain. And no gloating.

Some liberals are applying for Canadian citizenship, saying they cannot live in an America run by Republicans and evangelicals. Anyone want to start up a collection for bus fare?


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